Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do the images have the power to change the world?

Do the images have the power to change the world?
  First and foremost, I have to say that Jonathan Klein is right about the fact that photos can change the world. However photos do have the power to give a big impact on the viewers. Dramatic photos have the ability to play with psychology and emotion  at the viewers, Therefore the person who sees it, would want to do something to make a different, when hundreds and thousands of people sees the same image, there is a big chance that many of them would want to do something about it.

  As for me, when I see pictures of people in third world countries dying out of hunger, the first thing that I will say is, “how can such a thing happen to a person?” how can someone die due to starvation, when we fortunate people can simply waste our food? Such a thing should not happen. If I have a power to change things, I would definitely hold a campaign to not waste food and water, and then I would send a people to those famine-affected countries to hold a famine relief.

  On the other hand, there are images that will inspire us to reach for the stars. It can let us imagine beyond our reach to think outside the box that could change people’s perception on things. Before, when we think that something is impossible this picture prove us that this things are possible and achievable.

  As the old saying goes, “a picture speaks a thousand words,” so we can conclude that, pictures can impact us to take action. It takes full support and effort from the society to change the world and make it a better place for the entire human race.



A very cute layout. I have read your essay. It is good that you could connect the pictures with the stories that you are writing. Good job Niena.

pariparikecil nan INDAH..

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wah, new version of niena... hehe.. gud job n keep it up.. :)

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